Friday, December 5, 2008

A visit from the TV Lady

So. Like. Yesterday. TheLady and Bearded One were kinda moping around the house because the TV thing was broken. They really don't watch it much - it's great when they do, at least when just one of them does, because I get to lay of the couch and CUDDLE!!! - so I didn't understand why they'd be grumbly about it. The Beagle said to just watch, we'd get in trouble for it, whatever it was.

And he was right!

See, this lady with a tool-belt came, with a box - boxes rule! - and she did some stuff in the cabinet, things we weren't allowed to touch, even though the wires and plastic bags and papers and things were all so very interesting. In fact TheLady put me and the beagle outside just so we wouldn't get into trouble.

By the way, did the CATS have to go outside? No. And the littlest one sat IN the box and jumped all over the tool-belt lady and played with the papers and plastic bags and everything and did she get in trouble? NO. Everyone kept saying how cute she was. Dang cats, it's so unfair.

Anyway, we were outside a while and the tool-belt lady and Bearded One came outside and climbed up on the garage to look at the big round thingy up there, which was apparently okay. So then we were let out of our part of the back yard - the humans call it Fort Stewie, how stupid is that? Don't they realize I'm in there too?? - and wouldn't you know it, we got in trouble, just like Stewie said we would.

Why, you ask? Well there was this rubbery wire thing that came up from the ground and poked into the house and, the afternoon before, Stewie suggested that it might be tasty. And it was, until I got a good gnaw going then it kinda bit me in the mouth, made it all tingly-scratchy-yeeouch! But Bearded One and the lady with the tool-belt were some upset with us. So TheLady brought us inside and there was a lot of banging and clanging outside - and the dang little cat playing in the papers and boxes we dogs weren't allowed to touch, isn't she cute? Yeah, cute enough to get stepped on, little snot - and TheLady was very, very grumpy with us.

But whatever needed to be banged and clanged got done and the tool-belt lady got the TV working again, and Bearded One just shook his head at us and everything was okay.

We were extra special good the rest of the day, though, and today we got leftover pork roast! Which ROCKS!!

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