Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cheese RULES!

I thought about writing that title like it was a LOL cat thing, but I'm not a cat.

Today, the humans packed EVERY ONE of the cats in a weird little cage with a handle on top and took them away for a while. Something about they needed medicine. I heard the humans talking about how we - meaning us dogs - needed our medicine too, but, TheLady just gave me and the beagle each a wad of cheese. Which was VERY yummy, even if it did have a sort of odd, bitter after taste to it.

I was extra super duper special good ALL DAY but she wouldn't give me any more cheese. What's a dog gotta do to get some cheesy treats around here?

Not poop on the floor, that's part of it, because the beagle pooped on the rug AGAIN and that meant we had to go outside where it was like snowing and raining and was cold and ucky. It wasn't ME, I swear! I'm not that stupid and I like being warm. The beagle, tho, he has a bad attitude sometimes, whatever that means. But we were back in before too long, and sleeping on the couch, and for supper the humans had something called Alfredo - all I know is that it tastes like CHEESE!!! Yummy! - then back outside to play in the super-duper fluffy POOF! snow! And biscuits because I'm a good dog and poop outside.

Still want more cheese, though.

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