Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There's snow all the time now, and it's just not as fun anymore. I go out to do my business and want right back in, but sometimes we don't get to come right back in because the humans are napping - what? we can't hang out inside if they're asleep? - or because the little teeny kitty needs to eat. Privately.

I know she's been sick and all, but, jeesh! It's not like we'd want to eat her stupid cat food. I mean, well, we DO, but we'd get in trouble and I really don't want to get in trouble, especially over something as stupid as a little cat food. The Beagle, though, he's always trying to sneak over and get some of whatever he's not supposed to. I'm good, but still we both get put out in the snow. Just so the sick little kitty can eat.

And it's just boring. Boring and cold. Even in the house. And there's nothing to do inside anyway but lay around chewing rawhide things or napping. And, as always, watching the Beagle get in trouble which, of course, means we both go outside in the snow. TheLady tries to play ball with us sometimes, but the Beagle runs off with it and won't give it back. So we're bored.


Wish I could have some canned cat food. It smells fantastic!

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