Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mailboxes, Rawhides and Basements

I'd like to say things have been interesting lately, but that'd be a fib. It's been really boring, overall. Cold and snowy and dull. Sometimes we're inside, sometimes we're out, sometimes we want one but have the other. We've had some nummy snacks - let me say for the record that a ham-shank bone is a most awesome thing - but, mostly we've just been doing the same old, same old thing, just like everyone else.

Yesterday, though, there was a little fun. I got to go out and get the mail with TheLady. Stewie had to stay inside - ha! - because he'd take off. I, though, come when I'm called so I get little 'let's go out the front door without a leash!' treats once in a while. Which are awesome!

Anyway, I was sooooo excited that I bolted out the door and slid clear across the porch until I crashed into the railing. Then I scrambled down the steps and tumbled into the bushes. Up I leapt, only to crash again into the snow and to the sidewalk. I laid there, all happy and excited, while TheLady petted me and called me a goofylab. I dunno what a goofylab is, but she says that a lot. I got up and bounded though the poofy, untrampled snow and had a blast while she walked to the mailbox. It's great to get the mail!

Then, later, after she and the HumanPuppy were gone for a while, TheLady brought me and Stewie back some special treats. They were beefy bones wrapped in rawhide and oh my dog, they were yummy! Stewie loved his so much he rolled on it and just grinned! I mostly chewed mine, until Stewie stole it. Then I stole his. And he stole it back. And we wrestled. Wresting's fun!

And then, today, I went into the basement. Stewie gets in trouble down there - he eats the cats food and their poops out of the litter box - and I did NOT want to go. I hate getting in trouble. but TheLady carried me down there and I got to sniff everything, and it wasn't bad at all. Just gotta stay away from the cat food.

All in all, it's been a pretty good couple of days.

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