Monday, November 17, 2008

So. Like. Today.

The Lady and Bearded One went out for a walk without US! Stewie and I were stuck out back and the humans up and walked out the front! Can you believe that crap? Don't they know we like going for walks?

Sure, it was supposedly just to the post office a couple of blocks away, but that's not the point. How else are Stewie and I supposed to check in with the other dogs if we never get out of the yard? Maybe he's right, maybe we should try to escape, but, crap, he's escaped several times and always comes back. If we're gonna come back maybe we should just stay?

I'm not very confrontational, I guess. I like to cuddle and lick things and be everyone's buddy. The beagle's just a bad influence. Everyone says so.

But, get this, the humans came back with ANOTHER DOG. Some little fluffy white bit of nothing who kept talking smack. To ME! One deep breath and I'd have inhaled him.

The Lady said he was lost and after a while she left with him and came back alone, so I guess it's okay, but, dang. I didn't get to go for that walk either!

I really want to go for a walk.

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